This way, prospective customers won’t have to wander around on Google, Yelp, or social media to find out more about your services or merchandise. ChowNow highlights.While each of the customer testimonials on ChowNow’s website is video testimonials, they’ve also gone through and pulled out the strongest quotes from each. Fusebox has included photos of each customer and a testimonial that encapsulates the excitement of why they love Fusebox. 99Designs happens to have a volume of clients and a particular service that works really well with this format.


We love the simple format and that the featured people come from a pool of Ahrefs target market. Therefore, make conversational and easy to understand. People are busy, and long testimonials look daunting to read.

Customer Testimonial Examples

So, use these elements as customer www finam review in your content marketing tactics to arouse consumer anxiety, move visitors to action, and increase conversions. Using customer testimonial examples in your marketing mix has one primary aim. Therefore, to effectively carry out this task, you should take advantage of positive reviews to help attract eventual customers. Turn any customer feedback collected with Delighted into the social proof you need to increase conversions, and let your customers share in their own words why they love your brand.

  • If you can leverage human psychology and behavior for your business, why not take advantage?
  • This helps people overcome the friction point of not wanting to pay too much money.
  • The purpose of a testimonial is to use customer success stories to convince prospective customers to use your products and/or services.
  • Therefore, great testimonials talk about specific benefits that product/service provides.
  • Client testimonials can help your business in several ways, including strengthening bonds between your brand and customers .

Wistia confronts common objections head-on in theirtestimonials. Because their product revolves around videos, the company of course incorporates well-made video interviews as well. Basecamp’s pageoffers a sea of that display specific ways users’ lives have improved since they switched to the project management software. Trust is one of the most important things for your brand, and one of the best ways to generate trust is through testimonial videos. Traditional marketing materials have been on a steady decline as digital marketing has muscled in over recent years.

What Is The Purpose Of A Testimonial?

First, there are quote from main players at Tile, offering social proof to readers. Second, the case study is also specific by highlighting the challenges the company faced and how Zendesk helped out. In the above testimonial, a customer named Jeanine shares her experience with Briogeo’s products. While the post is scattered with too many product mentions, it takes full advantage of its real estate by allowing the writer to tell us how the company’s products improved her routine. We’re taken on a journey that begins with Jeanine introducing herself and ends with her reservations and successes using the product. Briogeo has a “Real Results” page, but that’s not where its best testimonials reside.


Unlike some other examples that you’ll see in this article, these are not polished professionally-created videos. Instead, they’re simple smartphone videos from real BigScoots customers. Although professionally-created videos may look nicer, these videos are very genuine because they feature the raw comments from customers, in their own words. The testimonials are also displayed really nicely on Asana’s website. A large photo is included with each quote, and there’s a link to “meet our customers”. When you click on the link, you’re led to page that provides much more social proof through many different case studies.

That’s because he didn’t know where to start, and they didn’t know what questions to ask either. But after they employed the services of Case Study Buddy, they sealed $180,000 worth of deals in a month. A client can spend 31% more on a brand with “excellent” reviews. If you’re looking for the encouragement you need to start sourcing them now, this is it.

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To make audio , you don’t need an entire production crew and tons of expensive equipment. Therefore, great testimonials talk about specific benefits that product/service provides.

The Ultimate Guide To Customer Reviews And Testimonials

You can use these responses as short quote to add to your website. The purpose of an effective testimonial is to leverage your existing customers as social proof to convince prospective customers to pick you. While you’ll often see a brand display testimonials on their website, a customer testimonial may be less formal, such as a customer review on a third-party website. It’s not enough to have general testimonials—you want solid, convincing testimonials that drive results for your business. In fact, data shows that 58% of consumers would pay more to support a company with good customer feedback. Bizzabo is a company that provides tools to help professional event planning and execution, and their customers are very happy folks!

Meaning Of Testimonial In English

It features detailed biographies of its customers and really makes you feel connected to their Forex stories. The case study above focuses on the challenge, the solution, and the result.

What Should Testimonials Include?

However, adding a hero image increases credibility, and that’s why many companies add hero images to their testimonials. RokuTV’s testimonial video focuses on several customers who love to use their product. It’s simple storytelling at its best and emphasizes the ease of use. One of the reasons this testimonial works so well is because of its focus on representation.