Startup builds Messenger chatbot to help hotels

AI Chatbot for Hotels: Lower Costs, and Better Guest Experience With the successful integration, Easyway is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking feature, Easyway Genie, powered by GPT-4. This revolutionary AI assistant is specifically designed to streamline communication between hotel receptionists and guests, saving valuable time and elevating the overall guest

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Benefits of AI in Healthcare you should know

10 Benefits of AI in Healthcare:Enhancing Medical Practices In 2019, “75% of large organizations” (those with yearly revenues above $10 billion) “invested over $50 million in AI,” according to a Deloitte study. The consumer environment is being taken over by smart gadgets, which provide anything from real-time video from inside

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What is NLP? Natural language processing explained

Natural Language Processing NLP Algorithms Explained For example, the cosine similarity calculates the differences between such vectors that are shown below on the vector space model for three terms. IBM has launched a new open-source toolkit, PrimeQA, to spur progress in multilingual question-answering systems to make it easier for anyone

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3 applications of generative AI in insurance

Reinventing Insurance With Generative AI Research from McKinsey says that generative AI could add trillions to the economy through productivity gains. A DAP is a powerful tool for guiding employees through learning, providing step-by-step instructions, interactive tutorials, and real-time support. The integration of generative AI in the insurance industry holds

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