You can choose to have your items delivered directly to your door, or you can have them delivered to a nearby store for you to pick up. Cloud-based SaaS solutions for logistics companies allow for pay-per-use models that require low capital investment. Cloud-based logistics solutions also address communication hurdles and allow companies to collaborate and share data in a secure way. In addition, cloud integration allows data collection from management systems to analyze overall logistic processes. Finally, cloud-integrated logistics offers universal accessibility and is not confined to any physical space. Integrating robotics into logistics increases the speed and accuracy of supply chain processes and reduces human error. Robots offer more uptime and increase productivity when compared to human workers.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, the logistics sector was critical for manufacturing industries. In India, the onset of Covid-19 led to a scarcity of drivers, which resulted in containers piling up on ports. According to the World Bank’s reports, in China, from January to February the trucking sector volumes fell below 15% of the volumes recorded in 2019, and recovery was not seen until March of 2020.

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In addition, DHL is a leading provider of freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain management services. Belgian startup Alpega creates a cloud-based SaaS Inet transportation management system for end-to-end transportation needs. The software solution enables communication in real-time between manufacturers and a broad network of logistics providers. The Inet TMS automates logistics processes and consolidates packing and shipping job description transport demands into a single system. The software solution also provides the tracking of shipments through a mobile application. The cloud platform allows Alpega to release upgraded software to the customers on a quarterly basis, in contrast to on-premise software that follows a yearly upgrade cycle. Shipping, delivery, and transportation have always been the core offering of logistics companies.

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  • Although there exist logistics service providers in the US who offer solutions specific to a stage, most companies provide solutions that can be used to move from one location to another.
  • For instance, it acquired a 67% stake in Norbert Dentressangle SA, a leading transportation and logistics provider in Europe.
  • You must continuously maintain track of your supply utilizing the newest technologies like RFID tagging or barcode scanning to avoid poor profitability and lost growth chances.

The good news is that with the right workplace analytics, logistics companies can create accurate staffing schedules that not only ensure production demands are met, but that also help to cut costs. It would be nearly impossible to create a scalable workforce without accurate workplace analytics. In particular, the ability to forecast staffing and production needs is crucial for scalability. After all, your company needs to accurately predict how many workers are needed for any given shift. High-level forecasting is even more important for logistics companies that utilize temporary or seasonal workers. As absenteeism in the United States rose by more than 45% during the pandemic, employers realized just how important it is to cross-train employees to handle key functions.

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It helps the company to conduct a flexible business that is agile enough to respond to the market demand in real-time. Elastic logistics enables companies to handle supply chain operations with more efficiency during periods of fluctuation in demand. It helps packing from home jobs upscale or downscale the supply chain operations, as required, according to the market demand. Elastic logistics thereby tackle the challenges facing supply chain companies including underutilization of vessels, constraints on warehousing, and overstocking.

Items are selected from an existing inventory, shipped to, and sent back once the user is done with the item. The system allows users to select items for special events or temporary use without breaking the bank. Breaking into the field as an unknown food producer is challenging, so KeHE Distributors gives companies an extra boost. Boasting connections to over 20,000 retail and online stores, KeHE transforms up-and-coming brands into household names. The food distributor also offers digital marketing and business analytics tools, enabling organizations to support their business growth.