chicago postal services review

New remodeling this year hall looks great tks to Home Depot in Bedford Park. I dropped of a prepaid package. It was never scanned and is now forever lost. USPS will not file a claim or do a missing mail search online. I’ve been using this USPS location for about 20 years.

So it’s a quarter till 2 and still waiting with no help from USPS. Never had uss express shipping this many problems with a local post office out of all the ones I’ve had.

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Vicari said the airport has completed its transition from private management by AvPorts/AFCO LLC, and has been running the airport itself since Sept. 1. He said the airport could use the study to apply for a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation Small Community Air Services Development Program, which finances is uss express legit marketing efforts. Vicari said the firm will prepare about eight different reports over the next year. “Cleveland-Cliffs expresses its deepest sympathies to the employee’s family, and the Company will provide the necessary support to the family during this difficult time,” Persico said in the statement.

chicago postal services review

Never had an issue with a grumpy employee. Everyone at the desk has always been friendly and accommodating. Lines are never long, and if they are there are always several employees behind desks. So the lines move pretty fast here.

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It will take weeks for your stuff to arrive. Went to the US Post Office at Midway Business Center and Cherry helped us. She was very helpful and pleasant. She did everything she could to help. I really had a great experience.

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My mail always go to different address 2 blocks of 3 blocks from my street And I’m receiving different mail from 2 blocks away people can’t read Street name. Shelter in place no attempted delivery but marked as attempted. Several orders marked no access couldn’t deliver.

  • Must have been in a hurry, not good.
  • I guess someone complained because the maillady rang my doorbell and asked did all of the mail belong to us.
  • Don’t get are mail,other neighbors are bring are mail to us.
  • I also called to see when they were open and got a nice woman tell me at 8 o’clock and she even made sure I was calling the right post office.
  • At least with a PO, they leave you a note and the large package isn’t sitting outside your door.
  • Tamra is right, and ALSO call your alderman.

With no hesitation, she asked what day and time? And as she was setting It up I explained the situation to her, she said “oh baby, they could have done it for you.” She’s a savior, time was sensitive in this case. She showed empathy, something that would be useful at the Archer office. They lie saying they tried to deliver something and they didn’t. I miss the old days when carriers cared and this has to be one of the worst post office i ever dealt with!

This happened on August 11,2022. I have yet to reach anyone about this, which is why I’m writing this review. I’ve currently been waiting on hold for an hour now, to speak to someone. No one has responded to any of my attempts to speak to someone. I normally don’t write these but honestly this post office always has a huge line and once you get help the people who work there always have an attitude and always seem like they don’t want to be there. They never take the time to call for help whenever they’re backed up.

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Keeping my business with fedex from now on. I sent a package to Washington for my son. For some mysterious reason it was “disposed of by post office”. This package had the return address very plainly and clearly written on it. If it was for any reason undeliverable, it should have been returned to us.

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If u don’t know how to deliver mail this job is not for you sweet heart. Seriously be prepared to ALWAYS wait in line no matter when you come. Allegiant Airlines, the airport’s last passenger service, departed in 2013. Five other low-cost airlines have also halted service and most, like Hooters Air, went out of business. I am very disappointed with USPS service, I paid alot of money for package to arrive on time, but still now they don’t know which facility my package is. Use our USPS Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler® tool to easily choose the best day, time, and Post Office™ location to apply for your new passport. The only thing I can suggest is to go to your carrier annex and ask to talk to a supervisor.

I left to the office on 4922 S. Kedzie, where we were greeted with a warm smile. I asked Dana for assistance in this matter.

If contacting the postmaster doesn’t work contact the postal inspector’s office. I used to work for the post office in the burbs years back and trust me postal inspectors take it seriously and they will get on the carrier’s case. Well, they won’t go talk to him but they’ll monitor him.