Otherwise, feel free to send us a quick 1-2 sentence blurb about your experience working with us. I’ve used https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/11/why-trade-forex.asp with success, but I can see now how I can improve them even more. The testimonial for Valuable Content makes me want to hire them. Those six questions are also a great way to get to know your audience better. Dear Henneke, you played a big role in improving my writing style.

Studies show that 52% of consumers will only buy from a business if they have four or more stars on a review site. This is because the feedback left on these sites is from unbiased strangers who leave their honest opinions. Videos are also rapidly shared and have the potential to go viral if the content is compelling enough.


In one example, we meet Amy, who’s using Xero’s software and services to run her business. Her testimonial page includes quotes, videos, and plenty of pictures showing not only how Amy uses Xero but also showing off her interests and personality as well. This makes Amy’s testimonial more relatable to Xero’s target audience because it feels genuine. And, since we feel like we know Amy through her page, we’re more likely to trust her testimonial. Be sure to source your from a diverse pool of current customers, and give users a chance to learn more about your current customers by linking to the appropriate social media profile. If you sell customer service software, for example, and you interview a customer service rep, consider linking to their LinkedIn profile.

Excellent B2b Website Design Examples +takeaway Tips

If your customer is a business, it can be highly persuasive to offer to link back to their own website, which will also help boost their Google ranking. Linking the Forex to the topic is the secret to success when it comes to using testimonials wisely. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. After a lineup of speakers — including pastors, city officials and law enforcement leaders — Chang’s short testimonial hit home for many, commanding a standing ovation from the audience of about 150. It was a pleasure talking with you earlier today, and we’re so glad that we’re exceeding your expectations.


Generally, we recommend using various testimonial examples to boost your conversion rates and create a compelling story your client can relate to. https://forexreviewdaily.com/fbs-reviews/ aren’t the sort of thing you should ever be faking. Not only is this a terrible example of false advertising, but people can smell a fake testimonial a mile away. You’ll do far better using genuine, real testimonials from people who have actually benefitted from your brand. Don’t waste your time trying to mimic an authentic customer review; your readers will be able to see through this.

The Structure Of A Great Testimonial

The reviewer being able to describe her experience with Fourlane on a first-name basis shows readers that the company offers a personalized experience to its clients. In other words, this testimonial understands whom it’s speaking to—and who AWeber’s ideal prospect is.

  • Powerful testimonial are more like miniature stories, sharing the experience of a service or product and giving reasons why other should consider buying, too.
  • While it might be worth reaching out directly to high-profile customers, you can use an automated email like this to gather testimonials from a larger pool of clients.
  • They’ve managed to combine posts from Twitter and Instagram for their social proof section to create something really cool to look at.
  • Getting the right influencers on-board can take a bit of commitment.
  • Though they share the common goal of reducing resistance, each type of testimonial is most effective in different circumstances.
  • In other words, we first get a clear picture of a business that uses JazzHR for its hiring process.

This testimonial is effective because it quantifies the return on investment that could be indirectly attributed to using Koble. With so many different formats available, it can be hard to capture the perfect testimonial. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse uses a testimonial that is far from traditional. The testimonial highlights fbs review high profile celebrities, but these celebrities have probably never been to the bakery in their lives. This is a bold choice that we don’t necessarily recommend, but the quirky bakery chain uses humor to pull it off. Puffin doesn’t show the humans, but pictures of animals and food seem enough to win us over.

How To Ask For A Testimonial

OptinMonster has used this to its advantage by featuring such people on its website. In a world where everyone is carrying around a small computer in their pocket, it’s no surprise that video has become one of the most popular ways to consume content. He highlighted the fact that Ordway is customizable and powerful, which were two differentiators that set the product apart from others on the market. Sometimes, you have to show your product rather than just talk about it. There is a button strategically placed right next to the testimonial where you can click “Start My Free Trial” and input your information. If you click on “Watch the Story,” a separate window will open, and you can view a video of the testimonial in full without ever leaving the homepage.

Testimonial Page Examples

Otherwise, it’ll sound like you wrote them, even though you didn’t. Dribbble’s testimonial page is filled with bright, happy colors and highlighted quotes. What we love about this page is how honest and straightforward the user reviews are. For example, in some instances, they included the evolution of the logo during the design process. Finally, in the theme of earning trust, we love that mHelpDesk closes out its testimonial page with awards and badges of recognition. However, adding a hero image increases credibility, and that’s why many companies add hero images to their testimonials. RokuTV’s testimonial video focuses on several customers who love to use their product.

This may sound hasty, but helping your client write their testimonial is an effective method in receiving a testimonial for your product or services. When asking clients for fbs markets review, some will panic and worry if they are saying the right things or if they’re being descriptive enough to give a thorough testimonial. You can help them with their testimony by asking them about their experience with the products or services and the results of using them. After you have gathered all their information you can summarize what they said and post it on your website or social media. To boost the credibility of your business and the desirability of your brand online, create a website that not only describes your services, but that also highlights positive customer reviews. These reviews, which can take the form of quotes, short videos, and more, are known as testimonials. Testimonials from customers who are not famous have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing has existed.

But it’s very much worth it if you/your company want to sell services based on facts as well as feelings. In other words, we first get a clear picture of a business that uses JazzHR for its hiring process. We discover that JazzHR’s client base includes exceptional, value-driven businesses. We learn that their recruiting software lets their clients hold tight to their company values. And because we become endeared to Kiip as we get a brief tour of their business, we feel more positively about JazzHR’s product, which Kiip uses and trusts.