reviews on remote work parcel delivery

What should I do if they keep delivering packages? I have not sent any packages out thanks to this website. I’m so sorry your company name is being dragged into this scam.

reviews on remote work parcel delivery

All batteries have to be shipped separately. However, everything is ok with customs in Moscow. You shouldn’t want to work at home doing any of this work from home reviews if you’ve read the article and the many comments above. This is something that should be avoided at all cost unless you want to be scammed.

That’s pretty scaring and it’s why I always advise working from home candidates to work with a trusting and legitimate company. That’s why I have a “work at home email address” so my personal email account doesn’t get flooded with crap. You just never know who’s going to sell your address.

Deliverthat Benefits: What Does Deliverthat Offer?

Every Dispatch manager is provided with a well-appointed workplace in the company’s office. Benefits like providing medical insurance and corporate cellular services and Internet access may be additionally negotiated. It’s not a sales position and there’re uss express review absolutely no start up fees. We would like to point out that this job may become a good additional employment for you. You may have a primary employment or a running business and still cooperate with us because this job will not take a lot of your time.

So I asked why would any AMERICAN ship stuff to the UKRAINE makes no sense. So I started to research and came upon your page!! I had him file a report with the police nad him do a credit check since he sent them a copy of his DL. I was contacted by a Gary Fieldman by email about a parcel forwarding part time position. Competed an application and a confidentiality agreement and over a period of 3 weeks forwarded 3 different packages…to someone is Russia.

Does United Parcel Service Allow Work From Home?

Thanks but there isn’t much to research. Once the job involves re-shipping you know it’s a scam which I’ve pretty much expressed numerous time in my article and comments. So it’s not really hard to figure out. It’s just some people don’t want to give into the idea that they fell for this scam. But it’s pretty easy to determine whether this stuff is a scam.

  • One of the packages I shipped came back with insufficiant postage and a letter from the U.S.
  • Tiger Logistics is a scam I repackaged products for 10 weeks with no mention of a payday.
  • Your manager will let you know whether to expect the documents this day or not.
  • – Sometimes Drop shipping assistant has to combine several packages into one box to send it a single parcel .
  • We are glad you feel the future is bright for Remote.
  • Scammers have always used popular and legitimate job sites.

I have been contacted by this company as well. Don’t let desperation block your judgment. The fact that you’re questioning the company is your instincts telling you something isn’t right.

Step 3: Use The App To Check For Orders

There was never a doubt in my mind that it was a scam. Even without Google map their location, I knew it was a scam because of what it involved. Next time another scammer may use a real office building to fool someone.

All your expenses will be covered beforehand. Please keep Ronald updated, let him know if you need assistance in my absence. If you have any additional questions, please send us an email or give us a call. So I decided to look them up and that’s when your website popped up.

How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities

– Dispatch packages and letters to the local postal offices. Efficient Delivery Coverage company was set in 2006 as a result of the merger of several commercial postal enterprisesin Lithuania. Our enterprise approach primarily aims the retail field. Be sure to follow the steps above and you should be good.

Have Been Using Remote Com For Over A

Just to warn other people the company name is First Shipped, and Assisting Manager is Robert West. You will then process the package in order to forward it to its final destination. Previous experience in logistics management is beneficial, although it is not a prerequisite.

Unfortunately it ruins the reputation of many of these companies. Worldwide Supply Express offers purchase and delivery services of goods internationally for more than 2 years.

Hermes Lost My Parcel And No One To Contact

I’m glad you discovered this article. The scam artist reference real companies all the time. But once you hear anything about receiving and shipping packages it doesn’t matter if they said they worked for God, it’s a scam. Don’t let desperation get the best of your judgement.