reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

The caller will ask you to verify personal information or give them your credit card information to reschedule the delivery. Email messages may ask you to click on a tracking link for your mystery package. When you click, you may download malware onto your computer that gives con artists access to any personal information and passwords. No matter the method of contact, the package doesn’t exist. Sharing your personal information puts you at risk for identity theft.

I blocked him and deleted my what’s app but he has made another account. His name is Calvin.c.hoon on Instagram. Just like everyone else he was a sweet talker gaining your trust. uss express review Parcel is so easy to use and such a time saver I can’t suggest anything else, you can use your subscription on multiple devices and platforms and it’s only a few bucks a year!

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

I never write reviews but for Parcel I wanted to write one that might help someone who was looking for what I was. Parcel allows you to simply type in your order number and a description and provides all your tracking information in one place. Additionally Parcel provides an in app browser that allows you to see the tracking info on the couriers uss express site without having to do anything other than choose “Open tracking info on courier’s site”. Also has a built in map that will show you your packages location. Parcel is great for people who are tracking multiple packages at once especially when they’re from different courier. Takes a lot of the tediousness out of tracking your stuff.


Thank you, as i hope i have made myself clear to you by this notice as directed by the management. I found this out on the back of ordering from another fake, scam company called Samsung straps, I would avoid both. It’s a con job and I believe it’s a bunch of guys in America taking everyone’s money and supposedly send your/my goods shipped from China. I don’t know what the fuss is about.

  • He told me to follow what the company should want me to do so I could receive the package no matter what.
  • It’s a completely normal tracing service.
  • I almost believe him but many of my family and Friends told me don’t give any money to a man whom you met online.
  • Thank you, as i hope i have made myself clear to you by this notice as directed by the management.
  • The real tracking service will make three attempts to deliver, including a postcard with instructions.
  • The next morning, I received another message from another number in my whatsapp that my package has already arrived in my country.

He said he is sending a package from "YEMEN" that is n Sudan, but sent a video of Chinese taping the box… And had bought an iPhone 11 and is inside the Box with 500 thousand American Dollars… I paid by credit card so have made a claim but Virgin state they can take up to 60 days to make contact by which time this con will have cost thousands. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform.

He told me that he go to meet his mum and the flight was 2.30hours from Washington to Florida but what I check from google it’s 4.30hours. And he said his mum in the photo bought me gift. He said his mum love me a lot and blah blah blah.

As a receiver, I was given notification that my package had been delivered, but it wasn’t. The tracking number was meaningless as there was no way for me to follow up with the delivery source, which was the USPS. The USPS does not recognize the tracking number. My attempt to get more information from Universal Parcel Tracking took me to Just Answers. Experts which wanted to bill be for answers with my credit card. I would never use nor recommend this service to anyone.

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He sent me LV bags and shoes ,Christan Dior items even Versace watch …close to 21 items and he claimed to have it couried to SA on Friday night . And I decided to look up the courier company he was using " swift canny logistics " that’s when I came across complaints.. Hello, my mother was the victim of a scam. Some time ago she started talking to a guy supposedly called Frankin Joe, met him on Twoo.

He will send u photos from offshore, he made me believe him, dont trust this namr KELLY JOHNSON.. I hope all of them will go to jail..

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It updates your delivery as the shipping service updates their information. Integrates many carriers that other package tracking apps neglect to support. My only gripe is that while if any application deserves to have a subscription based payment scheme surely Parcel is one of them, I would much rather just deal with ads if I cannot simply pay for Parcel outright. I’ve been using this for 3+ years now and couldn’t live without it! 🏆🏅🎯 It didn’t take me long to buy the $2 premium upgrade.

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Please inform me when you receive my gifts. I will be traveling for my contract tomorrow. Take care and I hope to meet you soon after my contract. I know you will be very surprise at what I have done for you but I want you to understand you are a nice person and you deserve more than my gifts, I’m ready to everything it will take to be with you. In response to complaint dated, May 22, 2018, I am too a victim of his intent of trying to scam.

They are still ignoring us now and it’s been 2 months. We are only a small business and £2k is a lot of stock to lose. Hopefully it’s clear that Fletcher Recovery Group is not a Scam. We stake our reputation on the work we do and we love connecting people with lost assets.

Avoid Avoid Avoid What A Bunch Of Rip

### i never asked them to send me package .. Buthe send he does sent it to me .. What the hell no package on tracking., i noticed that they are using same photo of airway bill, and sometimes same photo but they just edit it ..