reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

Later Das Michelle Kavitha messaged me in whatsapp and asked me to get clarified. But I told I’m not interested and soon she blocked me. I also informed jeevansathi helpdesk to check and block her. Friends please be aware of these kind of cheating people and share your account details or credit card details. It happened to me too recently, he was a military sergeant guy, named Friedley Louis… Millions of love promises for almost 4 months…

This scammer guy named Cheong Alex, claimed to be a civil engineer in Los Angeles, California, message me thru Instagram and ask for my whatsapp. He sent me some sweet messages and one day he told me that he would go shopping to buy some nice items for me as a friendship present. He ask for my complete name and home address so he could deliver the items in my country. I keep on asking him the tracking number but he said the shipping company doesn’t provide a tracking code. The company will just message me once the package has arrived in my country. I keep on arguing with him why he cant provide the tracking number. From that conversation, its obviously suspicious.

This a been a must have for tracking any deliveries you have. All the tracking information at your fingerprints. You have several ways to enter tracking information. Copy and paste the tracking number into Parcel .

His name is Calvin.c.hoon on Instagram. Just like everyone else he was a sweet talker gaining your trust. Parcel is so easy to use and such a time saver I can’t suggest anything else, you can use your subscription on multiple devices and platforms and it’s only a few bucks a year! Such a bargain for a solid app that is actually useful. As far as ease of use it can’t be simpler, it’s streamlined and simple to use. The only thing I want is some way to optically recognize the tracking from a usps receipt. It won’t do that, have to manually enter the data.

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I just insulted them and they blocked me with Mr S Mhlongo who was pretending to be a courier service assistant. My sister was in the army so once he told me I would have to pay for a package it made no sense. I al experiencing the same thing right now where I got an email from swift? I blocked him and deleted my what’s app but he has made another account.

  • I do have one comment to make – I ticked the box asking you to generate an invoice, thinking that would be the invoice for the parcel delivery service detailing where to pick it up and who is paying for the service.
  • Go down to Services and click this app.
  • Luckily she asked me to verify the validity of this prior to sending any money.
  • DPD was not ready to take responsibility for any of it.
  • Always Go to the company website and follow it through online monitoring to know when the package will arrive to your country .
  • We stake our reputation on the work we do and we love connecting people with lost assets.

Sure I had mu doubts but the package arrived just fine and the timing was on point. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences. Pallet courier didn’t collect & this lost me a £475 order. I have also paid £70 for this non-existant service.

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The email messages also look legitimate – containing official logos and using professional language. Was in the market for a delivery app that could track all my deliveries and settled on this app due to all the positive reviews. Parcel is simple and straight forward yet elegant and functional. Has all the tools necessary to add and track packages without unnecessary or confusing add ons. Once packages are added I just have to take a quick glance to see the status of a delivery without having to interact with Parcel unless I want more details.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

Where Arrive really comes up short is keeping up with delivery status. Arrive shows that a package is arriving today, but is still 160 miles away near Dallas. This app shows that the package was put on a truck 10 miles away for delivery.

Parcelmonkey Reviews

As a receiver, I was given notification that my package had been delivered, but it wasn’t. The tracking number was meaningless as there was no way for me to follow up with the delivery uss express work from home source, which was the USPS. The USPS does not recognize the tracking number. My attempt to get more information from Universal Parcel Tracking took me to Just Answers.

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Additionally Parcel provides an in app browser that allows you to see the tracking info on the couriers site without having to do anything other than choose “Open tracking info on courier’s site”. Also has a built in map that will show you your packages location.

Experts which wanted to bill be for answers with my credit card. I would never use nor recommend this service to anyone. Worst customer service experience EVER.

I reported this to Facebook and Sam’s profile has now disappeared so that must indicate that something is suspicious but Alfred’s profile still remains. I am so thankful that this warning popped up or I may have made a grave error. I was a victim of this company a few days ago! Even the man i was chatting for almost 3weeks, he was part of them. He will send u photos from offshore, he made me believe him, dont trust this namr KELLY JOHNSON.. I hope all of them will go to jail..

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