REI uses this section of its blog to promote different benefits and uses for its products. Customers can contribute stories and readers can vote and comment on the posts.


99designs takes a bit of an unconventional approach to its testimonial page. Using a star-rating system not usually seen in the B2B sector, the page is headlined with an eye-catching video, with customer reviews below it. Plus, it gives users the ability to sort through customer reviews by category so they can read the ones most relevant to them. The case study above focuses on the challenge, the solution, and the result. In addition, quotes from Angie are included in the content to personalize the testimonial and make it more relatable to readers.

What Is A Testimonial?

One of our all-time favorite use of picture comes from ProActiv. Here, users share before/after photos so future customers can see the success and results that others have had using their skincare. We’ve already established that humans are innately attracted to smiling faces (hence it’s crucial to feature a picture next to any testimonial). Hearing a real person talk about your business is another excellent way to establish trust and likability. Social media is a great place to find quote testimonial examples, and you might even find customer images that you can repurpose in your own marketing. These short stories are powerful, credible, and highly effective.

  • I’m writing to ask if you wouldn’t mind giving us a short testimonial for our website.
  • Now that we’ve hit our goal, would you be interested in submitting a testimonial about your experience using [PRODUCT/SERVICE]?
  • We love the simple format and that the featured people come from a pool of Ahrefs target market.
  • Placing customer testimonials side-by-side product pages helps put them in context, while portraying the products in a favorable light.
  • Describe the situation before you purchased, explain your experience of a service, and then share what the result has been.

By showing real examples of people who have already gotten great value for their money, you can better persuade potential customers that they will also get the same benefits. They’re incredibly effective as long as the customer believes that they’re real–the main challenge in adding Forex to your site is making sure that they are authentic. Every system will vary based on your particular business. The key is to take friction points away that may interfere with you getting great customer quotes and to automate as many parts of the process as possible. Xero’s testimonial page is beautifully designed and extremely user-friendly. It features detailed biographies of its customers and really makes you feel connected to their stories. Visitors can also click on andthe reviews page to read in-depth product reviews from real customers from the results page.

Okay, Now Show Me The Examples

Apple created a video that shares testimonials about their Apple Watch. When someone investigates your products or services, it’s because they have a need and want to fulfill it. They want to make sure what you offer provides the solution they require.


With client testimonials, you can prove that you’re the best at what you do and get more people to convert. That’s all it takes to convince Erza that this product is right for her. Customer testimonials serve as a powerful medium for showing customers the value of your product from the perspective of others. Even when fitness center brands are nationally known, the trainers at each individual branch have to build their own reputations and customer bases. At no point should they feel like you’re asking the same thing again because they didn’t get it right the first time.

Need Tools To Grow Your Business?

This is an excellent example of how SMBs can execute a cost-effective testimonial page. A blog post can be an informative way of displaying customer .

Testimonial Design Best Practices

In fact, reaffirming your product’s worth is one of the key techniques in the psychology of selling. I always think it’s a good idea to try and get your customer to answer common sales objections with their You have to be very specific with your testimonial questions but, it makes the responses that much more useful.

While you may not strike gold every time, one good piece of content can quickly make all the failed ones worthwhile. You’ll want to use a visual format for your potential leads and align closely with their values. To give you an idea of how fortrade review can be portrayed, below are the different testimonial types you can use to show off your customers’ stories. When a customer testimonial is short and direct and includes action-centric words that capture emotions, it motivates visitors to keep reading.

It doesn’t talk down or condescend to prospects who know these terms by explaining what they mean. It also helps visitors determine whether they’re the right users for AWeber’s services.

Audio Testimonials

It’s a real pity when people are reluctant to give reviews. We can make it as easy as possible for them by doing a short interview and writing the notes, but we can force people to provide a testimonial. They don’t help to sell because they don’t give readers a specific reason why a service or product was so good. Success story testimonials can also work in other industries, not just the health and fitness industry. Huge companies in other industries use success story testimonials as well. We’ve used them in the AppSumo Partners page, which then links to a blog post.