It’s a smart idea to have a dedicated testimonial page that users can easily navigate to if they want to learn more moo moo trading review about your business. You can call the page “Testimonials,” “Reviews,” “Our Customers,” or something more creative.

Forex look more persuasive if you add a picture of the person who’s given the testimonial. I often download a photo from a social media profile but always ask permission whether it’s okay to do that. As you can see, question #1 relates to the before-situation. I asked question #2 because it gave me the option to write a testimonial based on the objection-busting template (template #2 above). Question #3 and #4 are about the experience of the course.

I agree that it’s a most underused piece of sales content, but difficult to ask for. I see a number of sites relying on logo’s for the companies they’ve done work for. Of course, when you’ve written the testimonial, be sure to check your client is happy with how it turned out before publishing it. Henneke doesn’t only teach you how to write a sales page, you learn so much more. For example, the psychology behind why your customer buys your product and methods of how to guide them if they’re hesitating. A testimonial is a statement from a customer explaining how much they enjoyed a product or service.


They’re incredibly effective as long as the customer believes that they’re real–the main challenge in adding to your site is making sure that they are authentic. Every system will vary based on your particular business.

Create A Testimonial Page To Grow Your Customer Base

Whether you are designing the testimonial page for the first time or not, you shouldalways prototype and test your ideas in advance to create a better user experience. With our review management services, we’ll help you obtain and maintain any reviews your business receives. In the next section, we offer recommendations for positioning your on your website to increase conversions. After all, your testimonials can only pack a punch if they’re both prominently and intelligently placed. Talk with one of our content experts about our hand-vetted expert content writers & designers who can help you scale your content marketing efforts quickly. The debate is unending, and camps forever split, on whether email Q+A’s can substitute for spoken interviews. If the purpose is a celebrity interview, or a journalism-style piece, maybe not.

REI uses this section of its blog to promote different benefits and uses for its products. Customers can contribute stories and readers can vote and comment on the posts. This structure not only starts valuable conversations about the business but also creates a community of like-minded and passionate customers. Birddogs has a neat testimonial page that’s perfectly on-brand with the company’s marketing approach.

Tips For Influencer Testimonials:

The more information you’ve collected, the more persuasive and real your testimonials can be. If the customers do not want to share their names and photos for privacy, you may try their initials and common avatars.

  • At the same time, our testimonials page gets more search traffic than the home page.
  • It’s similar to the idea of case studies, but this format allows the company to tell the customer’s story from their own perspective.
  • You also have the opportunity to visit each customer’s personal Instagram profile to learn more about them and their beauty routine.
  • Choose transformative testimonials.Demonstrate a transformation rather than just kind words about your services.
  • Now, I’d like to empower you to find your voice, share your ideas and inspire your audience.

Video are visually compelling, and they let visitors hear the benefits of working with your company without doing the work of reading. Videos also win the gold medal in the authenticity category.

Since the ambassadors are tied to Stio products, readers will naturally connect the brand and their new passion for outdoor activities. This testimonial works specifically because of the customer’s reservations. Jeanine doesn’t hesitate to share that she doubted Briogeo’s products would deliver results. In the same way, try to get your customers to tell you whether they doubted your company and how you exceeded their expectations.

Tip #5  Use The Right Testimonial, At The Right Time, In The Right Place

In addition, the videos feature some great footage of the clients, their offices, and their food. While Ahrefs doesn’t have a lot of quote on its homepage, the quotes used are catchy, specific, direct, and inspiring.

Give Customers A Reason To Say Yes

This template works well as a selling tool because if you’ve hesitated to buy, there’ll be others who hesitated for the same reason. By showing why you went ahead and why you’re glad you did, you help take away that same objection with others.

Video Testimonial Example #5: Content Allies

Filming a documentary isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea and for some businesses, it may not even be the best type of testimonial for you to implement. Have the client/customer record the testimonial.The purpose is not to have you read them outloud into a mic or camera; it’s to get the testimonial from the horse’s mouth. One testimoniala lot of people have been using recently is the mashup testimonial, where several individual quotes are strung together into an audio snippet or video.

What Is A Testimonial?

My biggest donor asked for the dessert recipe,” is a testimonial that takes a minute longer to put together but says infinitely more about the work performed, the setting, and the response. As you can see, the consumer’s stories tend to be more personal, whereas business testimonials are focused on business results. Seeing examples of people who have found success often inspires customers, and helps them believe that they can find success as well by signing up.