In addition, the videos feature some great footage of the clients, their offices, and their food. First, there are quote from main players at Tile, offering social proof to readers. Second, the case study is also specific by highlighting the challenges the company faced and how Zendesk helped out. While Ahrefs doesn’t have a lot of quote testimonials on its homepage, the quotes used are catchy, specific, direct, and inspiring. In addition, the customer quotes include a floating head cut-out to add some personalization. This is another cost-effective option for collecting customer testimonials.


Understandably, most consumers won’t trust your business right off the bat. They’ll first need to sniff around for proof that your company is credible and that your product will resolve their problems or satisfy their needs. Happy customers are gold for your business, not just because www exness review they buy but also because they add value to your marketing strategy. I never saw myself as a writer, but in my early forties, I learned how to write and discovered the joy of writing. Now, I’d like to empower you to find your voice, share your ideas and inspire your audience.

OK. Go on, I didn’t mean to cut you off,” that often dominates phone conversations. “Last quarter’s nut butter campaign featured a cute baby and people responded well. Many commented that they loved the baby and were happy to see him in the campaign,” is not a strong testimonial. “Chef Anthony created a four-course meal for my fundraiser, and eight people complimented the soup specifically. My biggest donor asked for the dessert recipe,” is a testimonial that takes a minute longer to put together but says infinitely more about the work performed, the setting, and the response.

However, you can take positive reviews and turn them into Forex for your business. That’s all it takes to convince Erza that this product is right for her. Customer testimonials serve as a powerful medium for showing customers the value of your product from the perspective of others. The first page you land on features thumbnails with company logos and the main outcomes they saw from using HubSpot. What I love most about this page is the ability to filter by industry, company size, challenges, location, etc. to discover the stories most in-line with your own business and needs.

As you can see in the image above, Harry’s has done a great job of building up its credibility on consumer review sites like TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a highly regarded review site — if you have a high rating there, prospective customers are more likely to trust you and your offering. We love the approachable format and the fact that it chose to feature customers that users can relate to. When you click into any story, you can read the whole case study in a Q&A format.

Methods For Receiving Client Testimonials

99designs takes a bit of an unconventional approach to its testimonial page. Using a star-rating system not usually seen in the B2B sector, the page is headlined with an eye-catching video, with customer reviews below it. Plus, it gives users the ability to sort through customer reviews by category so they can read the ones most relevant to them. If you have celebrities or influencers within their community, be sure to include and even highlight their testimonials on your page.

If all the ratings are five-star ratings, users are less likely to trust the brand because those ratings may be falsified. It’s also incredibly effective for a party unrelated to your business to review exness broker review your product publicly. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can potentially send pitches to editors, and if you sell a tech product, consider pitching your solution to tech publications.

Tip #7 Automation Makes It Easy

However, there are loads of different types of you can use in your marketing. Social proof in the form of testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals is invaluable to your company’s growth. A customer testimonial strategy will fuel your flywheel, turning your existing customer base into evangelists. When asking for testimonials via email, have a sample testimonial letter or a testimonial request template to make things easy for your clients. A template will help you avoid recreating an email every time you are reaching out to clients for testimonials. When you ask for a testimonial, you can let them know you’ll be providing a backlink and pushing out the testimonial via your social media channels. This sort of publicity may win you a “yes” when you’re requesting testimonials.

  • While the website explains the importance of nutritional medicine in objective, scientific terms, the testimonials directly below make the service feel more personal and relatable.
  • Autofleet strategically accompanies each quote with a prominent company logo, drawing emphasis to the partner company rather than the spokesperson.
  • Use the analytics from your website host to see which pages customers are clicking on and where they’re hovering, then put appropriate testimonials there.
  • That’s exactly what Autofleet does by highlighting high profile business partners like Zipcar, Suzuki, and Avis in its testimonials.

With AppSumo, you don’t have to be a marketing pro to boost your sales and connect with excited new customers. For example, some hosts read these recommendations at the beginning of their podcast episodes, both to providesocial proofand encourage others to leave a review. The quote testimonial is brief and succinct, so it is easy to weave in sales copy, over images, and within content. In promotion and advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product. The term “testimonial” most commonly applies to the sales-pitches attributed to ordinary citizens, whereas the word “endorsement” usually applies to pitches by celebrities.


But it’s very much worth it if you/your company want to sell services based on facts as well as feelings. In other words, we first get a clear picture of a business that uses JazzHR for its hiring process. We discover that JazzHR’s client base includes exceptional, value-driven businesses. We learn that their recruiting software lets their clients hold tight to their company values. And because we become endeared to Kiip as we get a brief tour of their business, we feel more positively about JazzHR’s product, which Kiip uses and trusts. Instead, build your testimonial page directly into your site’s interface, like the example above. Esch Landscaping has a clean, straightforward testimonial page that’s integrated seamlessly into its main site.

Make It Specific

You can follow this link to submit a written or video testimonial. As a token of thanks, I’ll send you a gift card for a cup of coffee, on . First, analyze your customer base and the journey they take with your product or service to determine when might be the optimal time to ask for a testimonial.

Generic www exness com review can work – especially when they’re from well-known people. They have a similar effect as displaying logos of well-known companies that have hired you. Hi Henneke, great point about not hiding testimonials on a low traffic page.

Documentary Series Testimonials

Be sure to feature testimonials with descriptive language that’s enthusiastic and detailed to help convince your prospects to make a purchase. Testimonials come in different formats, but there are a few distinct qualities that all good testimonials have. Here’s how to write a testimonial that inspires and motivates readers. Plus, having a testimonial page serves as yet another indexed page on your website. It contains content covering product features, pain points, and keywords your marketing team is trying to rank for in search. In this video testimonial example made for Celect, a predictive analytics SaaS company, you’ll see how powerful it can be when you have varying perspectives. Let’s take a look at five effective video testimonial examples and extract key insights from them that you can incorporate into your own.