By following these steps, individuals can maintain motivation, navigate challenges, and increase their chances of long-term sobriety. Encouragement and empathy from fellow members can help with feeling supported and inspired. Plus, engaging with the sober support community gives access to resources and info which motivate. Support groups, meetings, workshops and forums provide chances to learn from others’ experiences and gain guidance from experts.

  • This list of addiction recovery quotes is all about inspiration, and the great thing about positive thinking is that it allows you to generate your own inspiration from the inside out.
  • If you want connection, you will need to do something about the addiction.
  • She specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness, and has developed a particular interest in supporting the holistic needs of families who are affected by these struggles.
  • Recovering from addiction involves seeking help, enhancing self-awareness, maintaining mental and physical health, embracing relapse as part of the process, and nurturing supportive relationships.

The lifestyle balance pie helps us to visually map out which areas of life are important to us and which areas need greater attention. By clicking this box you provide express written consent for us to call you, email you and contact you via SMS. One man I was working with said he would attain his goal of financial security by winning the lottery.

Keep a recovery journal, blog, or videos

Activities, relationships, and principles that once held significant importance might have taken a back seat to the pursuit of addictive behaviors. SMART Recovery’s Hierarchy of Values (HOV) tool is designed to bridge this gap, helping you reconnect with your authentic self and realign your daily actions with your deepest values. Recovery from addiction is often visualized as a battlefield where one’s inner demons are the foe.

  • But, over time, this harmful behavior can lead to long-term consequences, including addiction.
  • If you are facing a medical emergency or considering suicide or self harm, please call 911 immediately.
  • It inspires a commitment to sobriety that is more meaningful and likely to be more sustainable when compared to external motivations.
  • Don’t worry at this point about the number of goals or how feasible they may be.
  • Maybe it was filled with adventure and carefree days with friends who understood you or maybe you felt like you belonged in that world and not in the new one you are living.

As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem. Then you can go to sleep knowing that you have left no stone unturned. The best mantras are not fanciful or idealistic but rather practical and dynamic, pointing the way toward personal change. Maybe they hold a mirror to your existence, are particularly effective at dismantling your denial, or allow you to think of yourself and your addiction in a new way. As you move toward recovery, or just renew your grasp on it, remind yourself of those words.

Substance Use Can Lead to Addiction

Go to meetings, exercise, eat healthy, spend time with certain people, and so on. On the days when you can’t seem to motivate yourself, you’ll probably find it takes too much energy to deviate from your healthy routine. Finding motivation to stay sober can be as challenging as becoming inspired recovery motivation to get sober. But people can stay sober by confiding in loved ones who are emotionally invested in their sobriety, communicating with others in recovery and remembering how difficult life was prior to sobriety. These services include counseling, 12-step programs and sober housing.

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It can be found in nature, organized religions, music, or simply developing an understanding of what a higher power or spirituality might mean for you. In the realm of addiction recovery, the battleground is often not in the physical world but within the confines of our own minds. SMART Recovery, a program grounded in empowering individuals to break free from the chains of addictive behaviors, underscores the importance of mental liberation through the DIBs tool. This article illuminates the transformative power of DIBs in the journey toward sustainable recovery. Finding inspiration to get and stay sober can allow individuals to experience a number of health, social and financial benefits. Next, try to prioritize and select the top two or three goals which are most vital to your overall physical and mental health.

Choose Recovery Over Addiction

It recognizes that individuals may vary in their motivation levels and stage of change. MET techniques can be tailored to meet individuals where they are in their recovery journey, whether they are in pre-contemplation, contemplation, or preparation stages. Writing down your ideas and long-term targets can be hugely helpful in addiction recovery. It’s a visual reminder of why you started the journey and helps keep you centered on sobriety.

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This knowledge can give individuals the tools they need to stay motivated. Overall, overcoming challenges and triggers in recovery needs perseverance, self-reflection, a strong support system, effective coping strategies, resilience building, and learning from setbacks. Incorporate these in the journey towards sobriety; then, obstacles can be overcome. The long-term health effects of addiction are vital to consider when going for recovery. Addiction can take a toll on physical and mental health, harming organs such as the brain, liver and lungs. It also increases the risk of chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Acknowledging progress and rewarding oneself

By helping others into recovery, you’re reminded of your own progress, shake off any complacency in your sobriety, stay accountable, and find happiness and fulfillment. Addiction is often rooted in poor self-esteem, which then erodes further as you fail to stop using, feel stigma and shame, and neglect your physical and mental health. Self-love is crucial to your recovery, helping you tend to your needs, forgive yourself, and work towards a better life.

Internal motivators include our own feelings, desires, values, and goals for ourselves and our lives. Asking yourself questions like these helps to motivate you internally. Overcoming addictive behaviors is a journey that involves more than just abstaining from substances or detrimental habits.

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Recovery quotes can help us to remember to be patient with ourselves and with others. They can also make us stop in our tracks if something in particular resonates with how we are feeling. Our preference is for inspiring quotes and for saying exactly how it is. Due to the sensitive nature of this subject, some names and photos have been changed. Simple activities like practicing mindfulness, eating nutrient-rich foods, or taking a peaceful walk can significantly benefit your loved one’s well-being.

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