Today, testimonial is most often used to refer to a statement that endorses a product or service. Andy, I have to say I learn more from your content marketing posts than almost everywhere else. You’re far more knowledgable than most web designers we know and it shows in your work. The downside is that people looking for reviews, in any industry, will be those that are shopping around. But with such high numbers of visitors, we still get a ton of goal completions by visitors who started on the Forex page. But, instead of deleting the testimonial page, I looked into its SEO stats.


CultureFly shares social media posts of their customers’ experiences with their product to show what customers love. You see them in TV spots when real customers share how a computer chip or a certain automobile changed their life.

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Each testimonial is, again, a chance for your potential customers to see themselves in your current customers and envision themselves benefiting from your product. Do a “social media takeover” where they share their testimonial on your company’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. The end of the quarter or year might be another good opportunity to ask for a testimonial, depending on the types of projects you work on. We’ve included an end-of-the-year template below that you can use before your customers’ holiday out-of-office messages are turned on. A well-designed website leaves a good impression on the audience, provides a better UX, and increases sales. That’s why, in order to create good websites, most UI/UX designers and developers prefe… Chow Now utilizes a full-page design to share its

  • This is a good example of how to give a personal touch to your testimonial page, giving your brand more trust simply through thoughtful design.
  • Customers trust traditional business communication — like marketing, advertising, and sales — less than ever before.
  • You can write about a customer’s story in-depth and break down subtle details within the customer’s journey.
  • The links to other descriptive key phrases I will use to enhance my website.
  • But when you sit down to collect your testimonials, don’t limit yourself.

The truth is, the “no’s” you’ll receive could be due to time constraints. For instance, you can tell them to give you one to two sentences, which can be doable for even the busiest of executives. Other customers will see that you provide backlinks and might come to you first so they can leave a testimonial. You can offer to come to their office with a camera crew and set up a formal interview that way. In a remote environment, you can also film a testimonial via a Zoom meeting. One of your colleagues will have to be the interviewer, and remember to come prepared with a list of questions. Believe it or not, your best sales rep doesn’t work for your company.

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To make your more persuasive and trustworthy to visitors, try to collect as much information as possible when communicating or interviewing your customers. Guide your interviews in a way that helps you get testimonial material. So, no matter what types of products you are trying to sell, share some testimonials on your web pages to let your customers convince the potential buyers. Many web designers and companies use a whole section of the home page or an entire web page to share persuasive testimonials to attain visitors, hoping to generate more sales. Join our mission to provide industry-leading digital marketing services to businesses around the globe – all while building your personal knowledge and growing as an individual. These testimonials don’t focus on the quality or looks of the product but rather its practicality.

Success Stories.These are miniature case studies where people share positive outcomes and happy endings. Persuasive Testimonials.These demonstrate the impact the service had on the client or customer.


It will detail how the client came across your service, what problem you solved for them, and what happened when they bought from you . An interview is a great way to format a customer testimonial, especially if you / your client aren’t quite sure what to say. Audio, therefore, is a great and cost-effective way to create a compelling customer testimonial with just a microphone, recording software, and a quiet space.

How To Write Powerful Testimonials: 2 Templates + 9 Examples

If one of your friends, though, pulls you aside and says, “Psst, check out this awesome new LG 2-in-1 washing-drying machine I bought last month. Students provide Marisa a compelling testimonial as part of their graduation process. Collecting fx triumph review should be embeddedin your business. Another option is to simply write a short testimonial yourself and ask the contact to revise it, as needed.

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Generic testimonials can work – especially when they’re from well-known people. They have a similar effect as displaying logos of well-known companies that have hired you. Hi Henneke, great point about not hiding testimonials on a low traffic page. I’ve just baked in asking for testimonials in my off-boarding process and am having my clients do the same. Reminding me of he importance, efficiency, and effectiveness of testimonials has reminded and inspired me to focus on securing such for my services.

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This may sound hasty, but helping your client write their testimonial is an effective method in receiving a testimonial for your product or services. When asking clients for , some will panic and worry if they are saying the right things or if they’re being descriptive enough to give a thorough testimonial. You can help them with their testimony by asking them about their experience with the products or services and the results of using them.

If you write and post without the review and approval of the person you are attributing it to, it’s fake. But if you write a draft and then allow the customer to make edits and give approval it’s real and legitimate. This testimonial request email is fantastic because it provides prompts right in the email. It also references an earlier conversation, so that your testimonial request doesn’t feel like it came out of the blue. Use this template if you briefly chatted with a customer to ask them verbally for a testimonial. This testimonial email request works because it catches customers at a moment where they might have more time to answer your testimonial request. They’re also likely summarizing their performance metrics for the year, and if they’ve done well, they can bring that information into their testimonial.

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Since the ambassadors are tied to Stio products, readers will naturally connect the brand and their new passion for outdoor activities. This testimonial works specifically because of the customer’s reservations. Jeanine doesn’t hesitate to share that she doubted Briogeo’s products would deliver results. In the same way, try to get your customers to tell you whether they doubted your company and how you exceeded their expectations. Other prospects might have similar reservations about doing business with you, but a testimonial like the one above will reduce those reservations. Briogeo has a “Real Results” page, but that’s not where its best testimonials reside. In its blog, this haircare brand features transformation stories from new customers — with before and after photos to drive the point home.