That’s why we compiled a guide filled with the 25 best testimonial pages from actual companies that we’ve seen online. Download the guide to get inspiration for your testimonial page. Therefore, make conversational and easy to understand. Therefore, keep your testimonials two or three paragraphs in length at most.

  • This is a good example of how to give a personal touch to your testimonial page, giving your brand more trust simply through thoughtful design.
  • That’s a substantial ROI that might make other potential customers interested in the product.
  • Therefore, great testimonials talk about specific benefits that product/service provides.
  • The first page you land on features thumbnails with company logos and the main outcomes they saw from using HubSpot.
  • Ask them questions about their experience, and turn it into a standalone page.
  • If you simply ask clients for a testimonial, it’s unlikely the testimonial will be as effective as the examples discussed in this article.

A recommendation is typically less structured, and speaks more generally about a person or company’s positive traits without giving any specific examples of work that was performed. A strong recommendation can definitely help convince someone to hire, but it doesn’t always have the same impact as a testimonial. Many recommendations are written in vague or generic terms and therefore come across as less sincere.

Qupta Testimonial

Plus, the example layouts for different kinds of businesses were invaluable. The best customer testimonials can be incredibly wide-ranging in format, length, and content… But there are a few aspects that all types of testimonials have in common. Customer testimonials are a powerful tool that every brand should be using to showcase how their products or services have improved their clients’ lives. Quick, easy, and automatic, this email request for a testimonial works because it allows you to collect testimonials at a mass scale.

We relate to others much better through video so don’t be afraid to combine testimonial types with video. Having natural conversations unfold around your work on social media is authentic and adds another layer of credibility to your business.

This email template is effective because it works for any customer — you don’t have to think long and hard before sending this one. Client testimonials help get people to buy from or look at your company.


Thanks to your customers’ kind words, you can win the trust of prospective customers and get them onboard. Even more important than a testimonial page, though, is the strategic placement of customer testimonials in various places on your site. This maximizes the chances that users will read them, even if they don’t actually navigate to the testimonial page. Rather than feature customer quotes, Puffin Packaging uses the Wix Pro Gallery to show adorable pictures of their customers’ pets enjoying their product.

Be Love Farm

Did you know that Squarespace powers millions of websites across hundreds of industries? Well, if you head over their customer testimonial page you can get all the details and more.

Their testimonial page is titled “What people are saying,” implying that everyone is talking about their company. Rather than quoting customers, the page quotes the press, accompanying each quotation with the relevant publication’s logo and the link to the quoted article. This floral testimonial box by The Tea Story is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen. While etoro review don’t always need to be ornate, we love how this particular testimonial draws us in with its eye-catching design and evokes the brand’s identity overall.

Examples Of Great Testimonials

” or “Fine, thanks,” around as answers to every question, and they mean nothing. On the other hand, if specifics about someone’s work or professional attributes are specifically noted, it stands out.

How To Write A Testimonial In 2022: 7 Tips + 9 Examples

Entertaining, visual, engaging, and hard to fake, videos can be a highly effective business tool. Not only is social media a brilliant place to source Forex, but it’s also a brilliant way to keep customers engaging with your brand online. You’ll often find quote testimonial examples on a website’s homepage and in any of their marketing materials. Thanks to their compact size, it’s easy to include a quote testimonial almost anywhere in your content without making it too distracting or ‘in-your-face’. You would be forgiven to think that testimonials are all quotes or written reviews.

CodeAcademy is an excellent example of a company using interviews to get the full story from their students. The main page shows a video of a student being interviewed, then each thumbnail takes you to a longer, written interview about why and how that student got into coding. You can also take quotes from these to use in written copy, with an image and link to the recording. When you think of testimonials, you’re probably picturing the traditional quote type of testimonial. Now you know what a testimonial is, what makes a good one, and where to put it, it’s time to figure out how to get testimonials to feature on your website. It’s important when building testimonial landing pages that your testimonials make sense. For example, there’s little point in a customer raving about how fast your delivery times are when the landing page is talking about the quality of your materials.

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Success Stories.These are miniature case studies where people share positive outcomes and happy endings. Persuasive etoro reviews.These demonstrate the impact the service had on the client or customer. Too outlandish to be believable.Did this person reallyhelp you go from zero to $1,000,000 in three days?

Best Testimonial Examples You Can Use

Website testimonials are effective ways to nudge prospects toward purchasing or signing up to demo your product. Check Google Analytics or Wix Analytics for data on your most visited website pages. Placing testimonials on these pages will guarantee that users will see them, which, in turn, might persuade them to convert into customers. Now that you’ve seen some creative testimonial examples, you’re probably wondering where to place them on your website. As you may have noticed, some people place them on a testimonial page, while others place them elsewhere on their site.